Street Art in Singapore

I take pride of the street art that we have here in Singapore. When I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to go to art school. I also have several artist friends and I can say that they really are passionate about art. I love the idea that the country is filled with art-oriented people and there are many places to go that are ideal for artists and art lovers. I used to have a friend who was fond of painting. He liked using watercolor and acrylic. I can say that he is very talented especially when he paints a portrait or landscape. He did not go to any art school and just learned some art techniques online. He also did some street art and I still can see it today when I pass by the wall on my way to the grocery store. Anyway, I found this article truly interesting because it reminds of a friend that I really liked. I hope you learn more about the street art in Singapore while reading this.

Where to find Street Art in Singapore: Little India – The Occasional Traveller

http://ift.tt/1C3ZSD3If you enjoyed hunting for street art in the Kampong Glam district, another area to head to where you can find a surprising little cluster of street art works is in the popular tourist district of Little India. Perhaps more famous for fabric shops, spicy curries and the amazing 24-hour Mustafa Shopping Centre that stocks everything you can think of, there are several spots here where you can see some artworks by well-known figures in the international street art scene.

I’ve embedded a Google Map at the bottom of the post to help, or go here for more. Check out Singapore Street Art on Instagram or Tumblr as well for more places in Singapore to discover awesome street art. Via theoccasionaltraveller.com

In Singapore, we have here several museums and destinations for art lovers. I always take pride of the wonderful places that we have here and that people can visit. I will be posting more interesting articles about art in the coming days or weeks. You may just keep yourself updated by visiting this website.

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